Monday, September 04, 2006

Shorter recap: Weekend

OK, apparently I had Friday off, which I didn't realize till Thursday Afternoon. I totally could have gone to France or something, but it seemed a bit late to start planning somehting big, so I didn't. I went shopping and hung out with some friends in Cork on Friday (plus I went to the English market where the best bread and apple tarts in the world (or at least Cork) are). Then we went to Waxy's which is a bar not a pub, although I forget why. Anyways we went home fairly early since the next day me and some other guys went to Kinsale to sea the coast, which is mostly what I've got pictures of right now. It was ridiculously warm, until we got back to Cork and then it started raining. Everyone else got fish and chip, I just got chips. It was fun, and we went to a museum and a castle/hugest wine cellar in the world. We pretty much just walked all over town.
The next day I was kind of tired, so I just did laundry and slept in and watched TV, the channels here are still kind of weird to me (aside to Amanda: they have Grey's Anatomy here, but it's on season 2(they call it series 2) so if I were a meaner person I could totally spoil it for them).
I figured that I needed to do my laundry then anyway since this week my class is going to Bantry castle, and the next week we're going to Innisheer the smallest of the Aran islands, where my class will double the population, yay. I'm still having problems with the school computer stuff, as I can't get my laptop on the wifi, and their computers are more limited, so until I can figure it out I might not be able to do some of the stuff with the blog that I wanted to. (Aside to dad: I can't figure out how to get the text part of the blog centered, it won't do it in dreamweaver either, so if you can think of anyway to do that I would appreciate it.)
I'll try to take some pictures today of Cork, but it's kind of drizzly out, so I may wait for better weather/lighting.