Monday, October 02, 2006

I get to throw my self on the mercy of the psych department today,

So that should be fun. But if they don't just laugh in my face and throw me out, I should have a whole schedule and some interesting classes. I thought I had my schedule down until last Thursday when I found out that the Gaelic class makes you take either Monday or Friday classes, so that was out. Anyways onward to the fun stories and pictures of Dublin.
I'm in a somewhat better mood, and I intend to do some shopping today so by the end of that I should be ok. (I actually need some things, like groceries, but I think I should probably avoid the bookstores.) And for Grandma who asked, apparently the Guinness book of world records was created when the managing director of Guinness missed shooting a bird, and went to a pub afterwards, he and some other guys were talking about what the fastest game bird was, and then later he had a similar conversation in a bar, and he decided that what they needed in bars was a book of all these things to sort it all out.
Anyways, I'm going to skip Friday since I already wrote about it and go on to Saturday. We got up and had breakfast (there would have been tea and toast, except the toaster broke, so there was tea and sandwhiches). That was fun, we talked to these girls from Australia and that was fun. Then we went to meet the rest of our group at their hostel. We went to the National Gallery first which was interesting for a while, there were bog bodies, and gold stuff, and mummies, and then we went to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College. Sadly neither of those places allowed you to take pictures. After that we went to Hard Rock for lunch which was expensive and touristy, but they all wanted to go so I went. Anyways after that we wandered around for a bit, I got some pictures of the Molly Malone Statue, and we went to Easons, and this used bookstore we found (Easons is kind of like Borders). I got a book at the used bookstore for the bus ride back, but nobody wanted to go with me to the Market Arcade where there are supposed to be some cool fabric stores and vintage clothes stores, I thought about tracking it down myself, but it started pouring and I didn't have an umbrella, so I tracked down my hostel and hung out and talked to some of the other people staying there. There weren't a lot of pubs around the hostel I was staying at, and I didn't want to go find one in the rain, so I went to bed early, besides I had to get up at 8 anyways since we had decided to take the 10 AM bus since nothing opened till noon and everyone had stuff to do back in Cork. So I made it to the bus station on time the next day, and after that my day was kind of boring, I just did some paperwork, and took a nap. Today I've just been sorting out my schedule, I'm staying in Cork this weekend and some people have invited me to go out with them, so maybe I'll have some wilder stories then. Personally, I like Cork better than Dublin, it's way less touristy, and it feels a lot safer. Admittedly at least part of the safeness thing is that I know my way around Cork a lot better, but even when I was still getting totally lost here I never felt like I was in any danger here, whereas in Dublin I felt more edgy about it. Of course Dublin is a bigger city and there are less people here, especially when school isn't in session.
And now on to the pictures.