Monday, September 25, 2006

No I didn't Kiss the stone

This would be why, it's bending over backwards over a sheer drop of over 4 stories with only a little old man holding you. The girls I went with did though (that's Rachel in the picture). We got to the park it's in and it started pouring rain. So I got to walk around in wet jeans all day. Plus up 4 flights of stone spiral staircases that were totally slippery. And the batteries I brought were almost all dead, so I don't have a lot of pictures. Erin and Rachel said I could have some of theirs so I'll try to get them at some point this week and do another slide show. I still don't have quite all of my schedule done, but I definetely don't have Monday and Friday classes, and maybe not Tuesday either (I'm not slacking off, they just don't have as much lecturing going on, it's only like one or two hours of lecturing going on for a class in a week, so I have lectures for 2 hours on Thursday for Psychology and the internet, and 3 hours somewhere for intro to Irish, and then my Feminism and Psychology class is online. My other class options are on Weds/Thursday for an upper division English. My early start also means I don't have to take quite so many classes now, since that one is already over. It's crazy how crowded the campus is today after being so empty all last month. I'm going to Dublin this weekend, I'll try to bring batteries that are charged this weekend and actually take some pictures.