Monday, September 11, 2006

Some of my Bunratty Pictures

Cork Slideshow

More pictures

I'm posting the Cork pictures I've taken so far today (hopefully) as a separate slideshow. I've also got some pictures of Bunratty (not sure I'm spelling that right if not I'll change it later) We went to the castle and folk park there in class this weekend. It was really interesting. Basically we showed up at the Western Star Pub on Saturday morning to meet our bus, then rode for about 2-3 hours to Limerick. Then we stayed at the University housing there, so we stopped by and dropped off our stuff. By the way the dorms/apartments here are so much better than the ones at home. Then we stopped for lunch and went to the castle. We did a group tour of the castle which I've got some pictures of , and then we went off in groups for the afternoon. My dreams of living in a castle are pretty much wrecked however, given my hatred of the staris there. It was designed as a defensive castle so the stairs are really narrow, so only one person can go up them at a time, and the steps were designed to be uneven so that invaders would fall down. Also they are rather drafty and damp. Going up in the towers was fun though. You could see the ocean and everything from up there.
After that we looked around the folk village and went to the coffee shop. We had about two hours after the town closed before dinner, so me and some other girls went down to this pub and sat around for a while. There was some sort of party with abunch of guys and a buffet going on, which the guys invited us to have some food, but we waited for the dinner we were going to.
Dinner was interesting there were a lot of groups of older people who had apparently been at another pub drinking before hand.
We got mead at the entrance, which is ok, although not my favroite drink.
Then we did a 4 course dinner which was nice, and they even did vegetarian meals which was good since there are 8 other vegetarians in my class.
We were all pretty tired afterwards, so we went back to the college to sleep.
We got up the next morning and went to Adair were we had preakfast and did some shopping. And then we went back to Cork.
I spent the afternoon watching a Firfly marathon with some other girls from my class whose friend had brought the series and movie. We also went to the Caeligh on Sunday(also not sure about spelling). There was dancing and people selling things, so it was kind of like a carnival.
Altogether it was a pretty exciting weekend. And hopefully I'll have as much fun at Innisheer this weekend.