Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More paperwork

I thought I was done with paperwork for school, but apparently not. It's okay though, they gave me 5 hours for my early start, so I only have to take 3 classes (that'll be 14 hours) and then I can take 15 hours in Japan which I was planning on at least that many hours anyways, so that all works out well. I need to go take my stuff over to the International Office thing though. I just realized the other day that pants here button on the other side, or at least the corduroys that I got on sale at Penney's do. Hmm. I think some day in the near future I will just do a catalogue of differences. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them are just different. An example of good is that all the magazines here come with stuff which is both entertaining and useful, for instance if you spill something on your shirt, and the only store around is a bookstore, you can just buy a copy of Elle and there you go. An example of bad is that the roads are narrow, so cars get really close to the sidewalk, so you always get splashed on rainy days (like today). An example of just different is the pant button thing (or driving on the other side of the road)not really a huge deal, just not what your used to type of thing.