Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No updates till Monday

I'm going to the Aran Islands tomorrow morning, so no updates till Monday. I should have a lot of pictures and stuff then though, so I'll probably do a whole slideshow of it. I won't have cell phone reception till Saturday afternoon probably, so if anyone needs to talk to me, try to do it today, or you'll have to wait a bit. Mainly I got ready for my trip last night, so no big updates. Apparently this is graduation time here though, so there are a lot of students in robes wandering around campus which is somewhat amusing. Also apparently one of the students in the economics class drowned a couple weeks ago, along with another man, while attempting to rescue two other people, who were eventually rescued, it was in the paper on the day he should have graduated. Apparently there was some sort of flooding, and this beach that was normally safe for swimming at got too turbulent. So that is really sad. The other students in his class all wore a white rose in his memory.
That's about all that I have to update on. Except I finally got my student travel card, and know where the student travel office is now, although I don't know if they have any good deals, I'll probably check back after I know my schedule. I've worked out that I only really need to take about four classes while I'm here, but I'm also thinking about joining some clubs, and choir.
I want to join the Trampoline club and some other things, there are more, but not all of them are online yet. They also have a club day for all the freshman, and international students, shortly after school starts, so I'll figure that out then.