Friday, October 20, 2006

It was actually sunny today

It's getting cloudy again, but for a few hours, there was hope that maybe it wouldn't rain. I don't have any classes on Friday, so I went to the Library (Public, not school) and returned some books, and checked out a couple. I decided that with the influx of birthday money I could go shopping, which was fun, but took forever, since they have a 4 items per entry to dressing room rule. I still am not sure what sizes I wear here, and some items are a lot harder than others. I did get some cute stuff though, and I think I've got my size stuff down here for the most part. I also went to Marks and Spencers for some more lemonade. Seriously, it's almost as good as Simply Lemonade, but sadly they leave in pulp, so points are deducted. However, it is the only option outside of carbonated lemonade and anything is better than that. I'm thinking of going to Scotland and Wales next weekend if I can find a cheap way to do them both. I'm saving London as half of a trip to London and Paris. And Italy I'm doing all on it's own. I haven't got exact dates yet, since I'm going to Italy with my friend Nicole, I need to sort all the details of that one out with her. I'll probably do that tomorrow, or maybe Monday. I still have that Folklore final to study for too, but as we know basically what we are going to be asked, and the format, and since I'm used to essay exams from all those English classes, I think I will do okay on it. I'm gonna go home and take a nap now, since I'm going to the international student party thing tonight, and I'm kind of tired (could be the weather).