Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm at the library again, so limited time

I went to Tesco today and bought groceries, and Argos and bought a webcam (they had a good sale and I can use it with skype and stuff if anyone wants to talk to me...)Now I'm at the library using the internet since I couldn't face walking all the way back uphill just yet. I found a store that sells crochet hooks which was good, and my bank has finally moved my stuff over so I can get cash out of the ATM. I'm going to go track down the Psych building today so that I can get to my classes tomorrow. And then do laundry since I finally bought some laundry cubes :) Also I need to do some stuff for school involving the library, which I would normally do over weekends, but the libraries close here over the weekends. So I'm actually getting stuff done before it's due which is fairly novel. If I don't take any pics of Cork today I'll get some over the weekend, there are a few things that I keep thinking I need to get pictures of that I haven't yet. I'll try to link some pictures of me in, but they will mostly be through other peoples facebook, live journal, and blogs since I don't normally take pictures of myself. Also at some point I'll try to go in and edit and proof all this stuff, and clean up my pictures and stuff. So that's something.