Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mostly Fixed

My blog is centered now, there are still a few quirks, but mainly this is how it's going to look from now on (or at least until I get bored and change it again).
Mostly I'm just going to class and getting ready(doing laundry and stuff) to go to Innisheer on Thursday morning. We had a lecture over merry wakes today which was interesting. I might not have cell phone reception out there, so if anyone needs to call me do it before Thursday or after Saturday please. The early start is winding down, so I'm probably going to be doing essays and picking my other classes in the next couple of weeks. Things should get more interesting around the end of September when the normal term starts, and all the other students come back. But outside of the the field trip to Innisheer I haven't got a lot planned in the next couple of weeks. I will probably go to Blarney and/or Waterford at some point. So I'll try to take some pictures there, and we're making a side trip around this really beautiful part of the coast on the way back this weekend according to my teacher. So hopefully we will have good weather and I'll have some pictures to post when I get back.