Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sorry I was a bit cranky on Saturday

I've had this rather atrocius cold thing going on, which I am prepared to blame on Erin and her plane germs. I basically spent the last couple of days doing nothing but reading and eating chocolate biscuits (cookies). I did go see Marie Antoinette on Saturday with Nicole, we snuck in ice cream and massive amounts of other junk food, also the theater for some reason sells soup, so I got some of that. But after that I just went home and collapsed. I did get my room all picked up yesterday, which was good since I tend to be really messy when I'm sick. I'm going to Italy from November 16-21 with Nicole we're going to do 2 days each in Rome, Florence, and Venice. I also booked my trip to London from the 9th through 14th of November, I'm not missing any classes either since I booked the flights for after my class on Thursday and I get back on Tuesday so I can go to my Wedensday classes. I'm going to spend some of my London trip in Paris, as I can take a train or bus to get there (or ferry, but I'm not up for any more boats). I have my early start final tomorrow, so I didn't go anywhere this weekend, and I have studied for it some, and plan to do some more studying tonight. I might do something this weekend, but I'm not sure what yet. I will definitely be back in Cork for Halloween, since I am not exactly sure what to expect, but there are lots of parties and stuff being advertised around campus. I have to go study now, but I'll try to do a big post on Thursday.