Saturday, November 11, 2006

Any typos are the fault of crazy French keyboard

And that I was encouraged to do touch typing (where encouraged means forced) to learn touch typing as a child. I am being nice and erasing though. since I have some time to kill and thought what better place than a French internet cafe where the keyboards are French, and no one speaks English (and mostly no French either) Ah well. So, let's catch up on what's been going on shall we (no question mark on keyboard :() No pictures till Tuesday, but I can type it up so I only have to recap a little then. Cliffs of Moher and ring of Kerry I've covered. Then I had class all dqy Wedensday, and on Thursday volunteering and class before leaving for London. I got there at around ten and then had to take a bus to Victoria station which took till 12 and then I took a cab to my hostel which was ridiculously expensive (as I found out that all of London is, although the exchange rate is largely to blame for that) I got to my hostel and went to bed and then got up the next morning at 7:30 in order to get dressed, check out, and make it to the London eye on time (actually I got there early, but that's okay) I went on that which was really cool and I took a lot of pictures. Then I walked along the Thames to the Tate Modern museum which was neat. They have an exhibit which is really long slides that you can actually go in. Also a lot of surrealist stuff. After that I walked to Shakespeare's Globe which was pretty close. That was also neat, although most of it was closed since the play season is over, but some of it was open for pictures and they had some cool stuff in the gift shop. Then I went back up along the Victoria Enbankment to the tube and went to Picadilly Circus. That's where the Eros statue is, as well as the Waterstones that is the biggest bookstore in Europe, so I had to spend some time in there. I went shopping on some other places along Picadilly (there is also a market there) and by that time it was six and starting to get dark, plus my feet where tired and I wanted dinner. So I took the bus to Victoria Station and had some dinner and read, I had to be there at 7 anyways to check in for the coach to Paris, so that was alright. I'll describe that fun trip later. So I got to Paris at 6 this morning (Paris time) and went to find my hotel to leave some of my luggage. I did that and since check in isn't till noon and it was only 8 I decided I had time to see the eiffel tower. It's raining so I didn't go up in it. (I learned the fun rain and heights not mixing thing at Blarney) I did get some pictures when there was a little break in the downpour. Then I came back to the street my hotel is on and got some breakfast (oh eclairs how I love you, and how cheap you are in France, and yummy baguettes and chocolate croissants) And walked through the market going on along this road. And now I'm here typing, waiting till noon when I can check in, take a shower, and get in a half hour nap before heading over to the Louvre. I wanted to go to versaille today as the travelling to and from there takes some time and I have to catch the bus back to London tomorrow, but apparently I picked the one Saturday they are closed, so I have to go tomorrow and cut it a little shorter than I would have liked. Still maybe it will be sunny tomorrow and I can get some good pictures of the gardens. I'm really excited to see spamalot on Monday, although I am sad that I won't see David Hyde Pierce in it since he's in the one in New York. Ah well, it will still be good. I'll probably still be singing stuff from it when I get back. I've also got to go to the British Museum (and National Gallery if I can fit it in and am not sick of art by that time) and then Tuesday I'm going back to Cork for Wedensday classes and Thursday I'm going to Italy with my friend Nicole. Am I almost sick of trabvelling, well not quite, but I am taking a week off of it when I get back, I might do a short trip to Edinburgh the next week, although that one is still up in the air.