Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hey people were are my comments?

I'm holding pictures hostage until there are at least 3 comments. (or until I have the time and energy to haul my laptop to a wifi area, whichever comes first) I had a good time in Waterford today, my camera went crazy so I'm not sure how good the pictures are, but I've got them. Lots of pretty sparkly stuff, and really hot glass. Also some blisters, I didn't add quite enough padding to my new hightops (Penney's 6 euro :) and I walked like 5 miles (not an exaggeration, seriously I'm all buff now and can do that, also seriously sleepy, but that's okay) I'll try to post pics tomorrow, but otherwise it will have to wait till I get back from Barcelona, and I'll just do a big batch. Provided my camera will work there, which I can't gurantee after it's behavior today.