Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Getting good at judging breaks in rain

But not quite good enough, got rained on, on the way home yesterday since I thought I had time to drop by Tesco and I didn't quite. Still writing essays and studying. Still raining. Probably no post tomorrow since I have a test. Maybe Friday. I have to come over to the school to work on my second essay anyway. That one is not due till monday though, and part of it is self stuff, so I can do that at home over the weekend. Yay. Definitely post on Monday afternoon or Tuesday and possibly pictures if there are long enough rain breaks with enough light during the next few days. Only 10 more days in Ireland. Although given my luck all that sunshine you guys are getting now will stop and it will start raining there (hey it's rained at least once in every country I've been to so far.) If anyone knows a good anti rain dance I would be glad to try it out here, and I'm sure the rest of the people here would agree.