Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Could someone

look at the UCC web page and tell me if that is Pierce Brosnan in a funky hat on the front, or if I just really need to get some sleep. Just keep refreshing, it'll cycle back eventually. So I'm adding pictures, at the request of my parents some of them have people in them, but since Dance Clubs are probably one of the worst places to take pictures (bad lighting, to crowded, etc) I'm just tacking on the few decent pictures I got there to the pictures I took in Waterford. So, no, we were not all partying in the Waterford Crystal factory (as fun as that would be, someone would enevitably do somehting stupid with the furnace which is apparently kept constantly at some really high temprature Centigrade, and that would just be very bad). I might post again in the morning, but if not this is my last post before Barcelona. I got some sleep last night, and put a bandaid on my blister so I'm much better today. I also found out that Marks and Spencer has really good lemonade, so that made me happy. I had another round of Forensic Psychology class this afternoon, which I enjoy, although the government and legal system here are a lot different, so some of it is confusing. I need the Irish version of school house rocks, but I don't think there is one. I am very excited about going to court though, apparently we all have to either go to the district or circuit court, and in the circuit court they wear wigs and gowns, so guess which I'm going to. I'm not sure if they allow you to take pictures there, but if you can I will. But that's all later in the semester. So without further ado, here are pictures.