Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The sky is spitting at me :(

It doesn't really properly rain here during the day, it just drizzles randomly. Anyways, I didn't really do anything exciting yesterday either. The cold won once again, so I just went to the library and the English Market and then went home and took a nap. All the little Freshers have arrived today, so they are all taking tours and carting around umbrellas. It makes the place a bit more colorful, and crowded. Apparently the upper classmen don't start for a week after the freshman which I don't get, but there are lots of parties and stuff then, so it should be fun. (I kind of want to go to the pirate party, free hat and eyepatch :). Tomorrows my last day of my folklore class, and Friday is the Academic Walkabout. And then on Saturday I'm going to Blarney, so I'll have more to write about and pictures to post then. Also more info on the clubs and classes I'm doing. If it stops being so drizzly I might go out tonight, as my nose has stopped running so much, and my ears are only a little stuffed up now. I might just stay home and work on my essays though, since they are due in a couple weeks, and the cobble stones are pretty slick when it's raining.