Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's sunny today:)

So you guys might get some pictures of Cork tomorrow if you are very nice and actually comment (or email that would work too). I'm considering doing a trade off of a picture for every email and comment I get since except for Grandma no one feels the need to leave comments. (I do realize there was a slight problem with the comment system for a day, but lets try to be a little more chatty people). Anyways yesterday I fell in love with the Penneys store here. Shopping is fun, and they have really cute stuff for not a lot of Euro which was nice for a change. I also like Waterstones the main bookstore here since they give a student discount on top of their other discounts (although it's not like I can buy a lot of books, cause it would be expensive to get them all home). Anyways, I got a couple of shirts and a little sleeping bag since we apparently need them for the hostels we're staying at on our field trips. Apparently there are like 8 other vegetarians in my class of 48 students so this will be fun. I'm going to go out and take pictures now. Leave comments.