Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's raining...again

And I had to get up and take a 3 hour test this morning (essay not multiple choice, so my hand kind of hurts) And then I had class for 2 hours, and I've gone through an outfit already, and once I go home I'm going to have to change again. Today has not been one of my happier Ireland days, although it is somewhat comforting to think that this would have been a sucky day anywhere, so it's not just culture shock. Also the room we took the test in was cool. There were chandeliers, seriously. While that did not make the actual test more enjoyable, it did make me feel slightly better about having to be up that early, and all the studying I've had to do this week. Also there were bookcases all over, I'll try to get a picture later and post it. Tomorrow I'm going to get to sleep in since my class isn't till 3 so that will be good. And I'll try to bring my laptop to school and do a longer post since it won't be timed internet. I was going to take it today, but I'm not sure how water proof the backpack I use for hauling it around is, and I've run out of umbrellas. Which is something I need to buy next time I go to Tesco. Anyways, I'm going to go home and eat and change into dry clothes (and maybe do some laundry, or at least throw everything in the dryer). Apparently this weekend is October fest in Ireland, as well as the pre-halloween parties and stuff so that ought to be fun. Maybe there will be people here on the weekend?