Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'll be home for Christmas

And like a month after. So this is my last post on my Ireland blog. After this I'm going to make corrections and update and
edit my slideshows, and I'll post information about that on the central part of my blog so you know what to look for,
but since I''m now back in the US
(currently typing this up in the Chicago O'hare airport, I would post now, but they make you pay for a full day of internet, and
I'm only going to be here another hour, so that seems pointless. A recap of my day thus far,and it's a thirty hour day, per the time change.
I stayed up all night to get the train from Cork to Dublin that ran at 5:30, but you had to be there half an hour early,
and I had to get a cab from my place, so basically I had to be up at 4 and that wasn't going to happen if I went to bed. So
I went out with some friends, and we saw the movie Eragon which was Ok, I admit to snarky thoughts,
but some was really good. It was just a little long for my taste (but then again it's shorter than the lord of the ring movies, so after them nothing is to bad)
Then I finished some packing (so I thought) and went to the train station. There are of course some gaps in this telling, mostly to prevent
collapsion by boredom in you guys. So I found some of my friends from early start who were going on the same flight as me, and hung out with them and then
we got to Dublin and took the bus to the airport. I went to check in and the lady told me that my carry on was to heavy. But one of my bags was under so I did a
quick repack and my carryon was still to heavy and she was really snotty and I had to do a lot of repacking and in the end my carry on was still way over, but a different
lady was at the desk and I explained about the laptop and glass stuff (which the other lady was snotty about.) And she let me take it on as long as I put my laptop and some of
the heavier stuff under the seat in front of me, which I was totally okay with. So there snotty lady. Anyways. I finally got to security (45 before my plane was due to take off)
I put my stuff through and they thought they saw scissors, so they opened my bag which was rather carefully packed to accomodate everything and I had to stuff it all in, such fun.
And then run through the pre customs booth ( I don't get it but whatever) and then stand around for 10 minutes and then get on my plane, which then sat on the run way for an extra half hour
but that was okay since at least I didn't have to stand or hold anything heavy. Then we took off and I slept till the meals came back. YAY pasta. And then I slept some more till about an hour before
we landed, and then they brought out scones, so that was good. Then we landed. I went through customes claimed luggage moved it over to United. And then I took the tram over to my terminal, where I now am
And where they have starbucks and Cinnabon. I am currently pondering going and getting some, but I would have to carry all my carry on stuff over. So I'll type up how that goes later.

Later: I skipped the cinnabon, but got a pizza just for those of you who are interested in how that went. I have been home for 2 days now, so am somewhat over my jet lag. My plane from Chicago to KC was delayed a bit, but I made it there in the end, and my mom and dad and sister got my luggage so that was great. And then we went over to my Aunt Denise and Uncle Marvin's house to stay. It was pretty late and I was really tired so I just went to bed. We got up in the morning and had breakfast with them and then went to lunch (I finally had Mexican food:) and then back to my Aunt Erin and Uncle John's before heading home. 5 hours in car after whole day + of travel is not very fun. But there were malts and stuff so it wasn't too horrible. We got back home at about 10 and I went to bed. So that is the end of my travels until next month. I'll post my pictures of Cork later since I'm going to be cleaning up my slides then and I don't have time now. Happy holidays everybody.