Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back in Cork

So tired. Class all day. Will post full stories and Pics either tomorrow or Friday. Actually, if I do my essays a little early, after my in class test on the 7th I am done. I don't actually have any classes to go to after that, I just have to get my essays turned in by the 11th. So I might go through and revamp this before I go home. And if I feel really enthusiastic, maybe I will get my Japan blog set up then too. Better than trying to cram all the stuff I brought and the stuff I got here into suitcases. Stupid laws of physics. Ah well, I'm sure with enough effort it can be done. And you guys don't want any presents right;p. I have class between 3 and 5 tomorrow and I'm on Greenwhich mean time, so for those of you who want to call me check what time it is here please. Happy Thanksgiving.