Monday, September 18, 2006

Field trip review

So we started out to Innisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands at 9:30 on Thursday morning.The bus ride took a few hours, and we had a stop over in Bunratty for lunch (I also got a tiny bottle of mead to add to my tiny bottles of alchohol that you can't get in the US collection) We stopped later for groceries near the ferry dock, I ended up with a jar of jam and three half baguettes for breakfast on Friday and Saturday. We then continued the rest of the way to the harbor/dock/whatever it's called. We had a little bit of a wait and I took some pictuers, as well as having rock skipping contests.We got on the ferry and it was about an hour ride out to Innisheer, although we had to stop at another island first to drop off some people. When we got there we dropped off our stuff at the hostel and went to have dinner, by this time it was about 8:30. Aside to mom and dad: There was breaded garlic mushrooms, and salad, and then lasagna and salad and then apple pie, all of which I ate so stop worrying about me. Some of the people went to the pub next door
after dinner, but most of the girls in my room were tired, so we went to bed.(I blame the dramammine even though it was supposed to be non drowsy)
We got up fairly early the next morning, since there was a tour of a museum, in the morning. I proceeded to eat all of my baguettes with jam, and consume
pretty much all the food available to me for the rest of the day, since being near
large bodies of water always makes me hungry for some reason. We went to the museum
were the tour was supposed to be, but when are teacher called apparently there was
some mix up on the times, so we had about an hour to wait, me and some of my friends went to this little cafe for tea and scones which were pretty good (also rather fond of the apple butter)We went back to the museum for the tour and then went on a little walk around the residential area to see the cows and tiny horses in peoples back yards. We then had lunch and proceeded to take a walk around the
island to see the holy well, and lighthouse. The well was fairly easy to get to,
but the light house was on the other side of the island, and we decided to go around the coast.
The problem with that was that instead of nice sandy beaches it was pretty much rock
with lots of big cracks between, and as I am not the most coordinated and tennis shoes offer no ankle support I managed to sprain both my ankles which was not really very fun under the circumstances, since I pretty much had to keep going anyway. It was really pretty though, the pictures don't really do it justice. We finally got inland a bit, but I managed to trip over a rock in a field and slam my knee into a more hidden rock, so now it's rather bruised and sore, but if I manage to keep from breaking anything, which should be easier now that I'm back in the city,
I should be nice and toned from all this hiking. We made it to the lighthouse, but as it is still in use you couldn't go inside. We took the inland road back to the hostel, but we didn't really see a lot of people till near the end. Although I'm pretty sure I know where the locals go to drink there. When we got back we sat around talking for a bit in the living room until it was time for dinner. Soup, more lasagna and salad, and cream puffs with chocolate syrup and strawberry ice cream (pretty good, but they were thawed)then everybody who wanted to went to the pub, but most of the girls who had gone hiking with me opted for bed early. I took a shower and went to bed then too. I might have gone out, but I was really tired and we had to be on the ferry at 8 the next morning.
I managed to make the ferry which was another hour ride back, but it was a little choppier that morning. We saw dolphins following part way, but I didn't manage to get any pictures, it was cool though. Once we got back to the mainland we had breakfast before getting on the bus. I had poached eggs which weren't exactly what I thought they were, but tasted good,and the perpetual tea and toast, plus a scone, and they gave me hot water, so I also had the hot chocolate I had brought. Between me and Courtney we managed to get through more than half of the jar of jam I had bought on Thursday evening which I find rather impressive. We then took the bus back.
We went through the Burren which is really pretty, and drove by the Cliffs of Moher (I was only about 50 yards away, I could see the people in line), but we didn't stop since our teacher said that she didn't want to have to deal with the safety issues. I did get a picture of the visitors center though, and I fully intend to go back later with some friends, and some swords and black masks. I pretty much slept after that until we went back through Bunratty and stopped for lunch, I had a wrap which was pretty good,they have a lot of sandwhich shops that sell wraps around here, and for some reason corn seems to be one of the primary fillings in veggie ones. Also they use English Mustard, which is good, but really spicey. I also got a chocolate muffin and orange juice, as I couldn't deal with more tea just then.
After that I went shopping downstairs and bought a hat and scarf, since much as I like the wool sweaters that everyone else was getting, I get itchy at just the thought of that much wool in direct contact with my skin.We didn't stop till we got back to Cork after that. I got off with some friends, next to one of their other friend's apartment, and then went home with them as their place was closer. We watched t.v. and had dinner, and then some of us went out.I met another girl who wants to join choir (aside to Amanda:she also loves Wicked and Les Mis). We went to a couple of pubs, but as it was only around 10:30 they were fairly empty. I stuck around till around 11:30, but at that point me and Courtney, who was also on the Innisheer trip, were to tired, so we went home. I woke up on Sunday with a sinus infection(Don't worry mom, it's just a runny nose and stuffy ears like I get every year when school starts), so I spent the morning trying to convince myself to get up and get some medicine, and finally suceeded around noon. I took some sudafed, and then went to Tessco for orange juice and cough drops, since all the pharmacies are
closed on Sunday. I came home, had some orange juce, read for a bit and then took a nap. I finished my library book and took some more sudafed when I got up again. Hopefully I can go to the pharmacy today and get something other than sudafed, since that keeps giving me really bizzare dreams. Also I need to buy some ankle wraps. (Aside to dad: I would just ice them, but they don't really seem to have ice here)
On the bright side I didn't get any of this until after all of the field trips, and if it lasts, a couple of days maybe I'll be able to convince myself to stay home and do my essays, instead of waiting and doing them at the last minute.
My early start lectures end this Friday, and regular term begins next Monday so at some point in the next week and a half I should have a schedule and
can arrange all my travel plans, so I'll post all that info when I know for sure.
I'm just posting a couple of pictures today, since I didn't bring my laptop, and it's to hard to do a lot with the computers in the lab.