Friday, October 06, 2006

Sorry I didn't post yesterday

I was going to at school, but the network crashed, and then I had class and by the time that was over it was to late, and besides I was too tired. Not that you missed anything scintillating, more paper work, still slightly messed up schedule, but I think I'm going to book stuff anyways now. I did get into my program in Japan in the spring so that is very exciting. I also got almost all of my shopping errands done (okay maybe some of the stuff I didn't actually need, but sparkly nail polish is quite high on my hierarchy of self actualization) While shopping is quite fun for me, you probably don't really want to read about it, so we'll skip that. And if you want to find out more about my classes you can read my notes when I get home. Today I just did laundry and wrote essays (I don't even want to write about that, just ergh) But I'm going out tonight which might make for an interesting topic for tomorrow. (I'll keep it PG for the kiddies)And maybe I'll take some pictures with people in them! I'm going to Waterford either Monday or Tuesday, so I'll also try to get some pictures there. With any luck the crystal factory won't mind pictures being taken and I'll get one of the giant chandelier, it's supposed to be pretty cool (and by cool I mean giant and sparkly.)