Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pictures on Monday

I'm at the library, so 1 limited time and 2 no pictures can be posted, but I have some which I will post Monday. It was fun. They don't do mixed drinks here though, and I don't really like beer so that basically leaves rum or whiskey which are ridiculously expensive. (So don't worry mom and dad I don't have the funding to go out and drink evcessively, not that I want to) The international society was hosting it kind of, so there were a lot of people I knew, and it was at a dance club rather than a pub, so lots of dancing which was fun (although the DJ continuosly played 80's songs and stuff by ex- boy band members, so lots of mocking, also lots of mocking of the people who couldn't dance but thought they could). It's started getting a little bit cold here, so jackets are necessary now, and tights under skirts, which I didn't do last night, but will in the future since I got really cold walking home.