Thursday, September 07, 2006

Good job on the comments people

I can moderate them now, which means the ones I've got since them aren't published till I say they can be, so no more publishing that people don't want, just let me know if it's ok to publish yours in the text somewhere.
Apparently some people didn't realize, but there are captions on the pictures that you can read if you click on the slide show to activate them. Apparently my school email address has something called centipaid on it which means I can charge people to send me email. (it's supposed to prevent spam, and not be very large amounts, but seriously if you got a lot of emails, that would be a good way to make some extra cash)
I'm going on a field trip tomorrow and Saturday, so don't expect an update till Monday, I will be taking my cell phone though. a I should get some good pictures as I'm going to a folk park and a castle.
I'll post the pictures of Cork I promised when I get back as well, since I didnt bring the right things to the computer lab today.