Thursday, September 28, 2006

I <3 Clubs Day

They give you candy, and you get to play with swords. What more can you ask for really. I signed up for Kendo and Aikido and Trampoline club, although they don't actually start for another week or so, and most of them are really lax about attendance, but I'm still rather sad I missed society day, I have to track down the music room all on my own now. :( anyways, I've actually got a class to attend to day, so that should be fun, and I've mostly worked out my schedule, although for some reason most upper division classes don't start till next week, so I'll have to wait till then to do a full run through and make sure it works out. I'll write up all my schedule stuff then, including the days and places I'm traveling to hopefully. I'll post some pics of Dublin on Monday too, and I'll try to track down those picks of Blarney I promised over the weekend from Erin and Rachel, since they are both going to Dublin as well. Also I get my first fun experience in a hostel, so I'll tell you how that goes too.