Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm not singing in the rain..

If i opened my mouth i'd probably drown. Bleagh. Anyway, no posts tomorrow if it is still raining here. I'm doing what I was tempted to do today and staying in bed all day with a book and tea. And a double pack of jammie dodgers :) It's cold and everything is flooding, so I guess it's good I live up a hill, although normally when I'm walking up it I do not use the word good to describe it. I'm going home to huddle next to the radiator (ok it's probably warmer here than it is in Oklahoma, none the less I don't like being wet and cold). I'll write again once I have developed the webbed feet necessary to get through this mess.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Side Note

I'm moderating comments, so they won't post till I proof them, sorry for the confusion.
Also when I get back I'm setting up a family blog, so everyone who wants to join in, send your e-mail address to my e-mail for this account. That way everone can make posts and stuff, although I am still doing my separate main blog for Kansai Gaidai.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So much for good intentions

I did fix some of my Paris pictures up into my photobucket account, but I still have to sort through a whole lot of them and I lacked the enthusiasm to do all that today, and tomorrow and Thursday have classes. I'll try to get some of it done over the weekend, but pretty much it's going to have to wait till after the 11th due to essays and tests. I'll publish some pictures of Cork all dressed up for Christmas in the interval, when I get a chance on a day that it's not raining. It starts getting dark here at 4:30, and I'm not sure if my camera can handle it after dark, but I'll try, and if not, I'll do it during the weekend since the library is closed then anyway.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh..

Or not since my sinus infection has turned into a head cold. Bleagh. Ah well, I have plenty of kleenex and orange juice, and no where I HAVE to be until class on Wedensday. I did walk over to school since I promised updates today, see how much I care about you guys? Anyway here is a recap and pictures, I'll start with my London/Paris pics since I already did a recap for that.(I'm having some technical difficulties getting some of my Paris pics up, but I'll work on it, and try to get them up tomorrow, and put up what I already have today)

And now for a recap of Italy.
We flew in on Thursday night, and got there around 1 AM their time. Then we took a bus to the city center, since we were going to head down to Venice since we had to fly back out of Rome. So we got to the train station only to find out, that A) Apparently there are no buses to Venice from Rome, and B) the trains weren't going to start running till 5, so we got to spend a lovely 4 hours in the Rome train station. There were some amusing things, the cops there have Sedgeways, and they had races on them in the hallway, and they had this really cool water store, that sold all these different types of bottled water, some in really cool bottles. Finally the trains were running again and we took off to Venice. We were both kind of sleepy, and it was siesta anyways, so we went to check into our B and B. We took a little nap, and then went for a walk around, and got some groceries. I love that grocery store, I got gelato, pasta, a bag of cookies for later, some biscotti, a bottle of rose frizzante, and a few other things all for under 7 euro. We had dinner and then went to bed, since we wanted to get up early the next day, and it was to foggy to do any more sightseeing. The next day we went on a water taxi to San Marco cathedral, and just walked around. Which is probably the main reason I love Venice, you don't feel like you have to run around and look at monuments and museums, not that I don't enjoy that, but after two weeks straight of it, it can get a bit tiring. Mostly it's a big shopping town, there were tons of street vendors and stores, and lots of places with really good food. So that was a fun day. I was going to use mainly Nicole's pictures, but there was a camera accident, so a lot of our Venice pictures got deleted. We stayed at the same hotel, and went back to the train station the next day to go back to Rome. Rome was cool as well. We went and saw the colloseum, and walked around the area where the national gallery was, and had dinner and gelato the first night. We went to Saint Peter's Basilica the next day, as the Sistine chapel was closed. Apparently it closes at noon. The Basilica was closed as the Pope was having some sort of meeting in there, but that was okay, we went and ate and when we came back he was leaving, so we got some cool pictures, and the swiss guards were out as well, but my pictures of that aren't as good as Nicole's so I'll post her's later. We got to go in the Basilicca after that. It was really pretty, but a horrible place to take pictures in. The lighting was really difficult. Our hotel that day was by the Trevi fountain, so we got a lot of good pictures of that, and we did end up going to the Sistine chapel since it opens early, and we had a little time before our flight the next day. So that was really cool, you aren't supposed to take pictures in the actual chapel part, like the Mona Lisa, I guess it takes to much time, and it was REALLY crowded in there. Sooo... Ask me about that one when I get home, as I am not sure how strongly they want that one enforced. Anyway, Rome was good, lots of pizza, gelato, historical monuments, and art. After that we went home, I went to bed as we didn't get in till 10 and I had class the next day. Which I went to, and then Thursday was Thanksgiving, so thank you guys for calling. I had class, but only one that day. And I was going to do this on Friday, but sinus infection + jet lag prevailed and mainly I stayed in bed and slept over the weekend, with a brief stop for groceries. I'm going to get some pics of downtown Cork all decked out for Christmas if it stops raining, and here are some of my Italy pictures(not all, and not sorted very well, as I have a bit of time constraint here today, but I still have that time in a couple weeks where I've got basically a free week, so I'll try to get everything sorted out and pretty before I get home).

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pictures and Full blog tomorrow I promise

I would do it today, but as it is Sunday the school is closed so I can't take my laptop over there. I know I said I would get them done Friday, but as soon as I stopped moving I got a horrible sinus infection. So Friday was rather awful. And like I said the school is closed on the weekend. Lickily I don't have classes till Wedensday, and I need to work on some essays anyway. Only 3 weeks left in Ireland. So I'll see you guys soon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back in Cork

So tired. Class all day. Will post full stories and Pics either tomorrow or Friday. Actually, if I do my essays a little early, after my in class test on the 7th I am done. I don't actually have any classes to go to after that, I just have to get my essays turned in by the 11th. So I might go through and revamp this before I go home. And if I feel really enthusiastic, maybe I will get my Japan blog set up then too. Better than trying to cram all the stuff I brought and the stuff I got here into suitcases. Stupid laws of physics. Ah well, I'm sure with enough effort it can be done. And you guys don't want any presents right;p. I have class between 3 and 5 tomorrow and I'm on Greenwhich mean time, so for those of you who want to call me check what time it is here please. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Going to Italy

So no posts for a bit, and same contact rules as last time... Text or e-mail unless it's an emergency.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Typed up last night...

So much for my shower and nap...
Apparently the greater part of the Louvre closes at 6,
so I headed there as soon as I checked in and dropped my bag off
at my hotel. It was awesome. A lot of things have not lived up to
my expectations, or been different than I imagined they would be.
The Louvre totally surpassed them. So cool. Sadly you are not
allowed to take pictures in the Italian painters wing, so no
pictures of the Mona Lisa ;) Or any other Da Vinci, Botticelli,
or basically good rennaisance paintings. You're allowed to take
pictures of most other stuff though, and most of the statues are
in the open (Apparently they did not learn from the incident with
that Michelangelo Pieta in Vatican City?)
But it does make photography easier. The lighting is a bit weird in there though.
Anyways, I took tons of pictures of the paintings and statues, and it was really
great. I do find it slightly amusing that the security to get into the Louvre
was stricter than the security to get into the country.
After all the walking I did in the Louvre I was pretty tired though
and it was getting dark, so I went back to my hotel. Plus I needed thr sleep since
I was going to Versaille the next morning. So I got up and headed out
there, and got to stand in a 2 hour line for tickets, half the place was closed,
nearly including the gardens, since the fountains were off, the
statues were mostly covered, and they were replanting so there was tons of construction going on.
So, skip that if you go to France in the winter. I had to catch the bus back to London
that day, so I didn't really have a lot of time to do anything else (had lunch at this really good place
though) I had a bit of confusion on the whole station thing, but I made it, and got back to London.
I went to drop off my stuff at my hostel, and then decided that as cool as the national gallery would be,
it couldn't be as cool as the louvre so it would be better to hold off to some time
when I didn't have that as a recent comparison. Ditto the British Museum, although I probably would
have caved on that one if it wheren't so far away from everything els I wanted to do. I went window shopping instead.
Topshop was really cool, and I keep reading about it everywhere, I also went to this place called
Whittards and bought tea as my souveneir (they do coffee too, but Europe coffee is scarily strong)
Then I went back to the hostel for a couple of hours of nap time since I didn't want to fall asleep
during spamalot, and I was still messed up by the drammamine I took for the ferry crossing (I didn't take it the first time
and that was a bad idea). I went to pick up my ticket, and then I went to the pizza hut across the street for dinner
(Not a lot of time, and England is not really known for cooking anyway, although I am quite fond of Nigella Lawson)
Spamalot was AMAZING. I think that the American version has to be at least a little different though.
I want to see that one just for David Hyde Pierce, but Time Curry was really good, so it was cool.
And the theater itself was really awesome, all these crazy cherubs all over in the decorating. Also you can buy spam sandwiches
in the lobby, which I considered, as all the preservatives would probably make it last longer than the
shirt I got will, but you can't import meat products, and there
might still be some in there somewhere. Plus all the other
vegetarians would look at me funny. Anyway, That was fun (more fun than Versaille)
No spoilers though. So I went back to the hostel after that, and got up and went back to Cork today. I've got class tomorrow, and then
Thursday I'm off to Italy. I can't do my Edinburgh trip though, as the girl I was going to go with are going
on a weekend I have school stuff. Which is probably a good thing, since
my trip to England ended up costing about double what I thought it would anyway. (stupid exchange rate)
Ah well, if you want more details about my trips, ask when I get home, since
I am leaving out tons of details, due to forgetting, time constraint, and
trying to keep this PG for Delaney (shout out) Also I am occasionally leaving
out pictures, for various reasons, such as, too blurry, or I don't like how I look in them, or no time to post them all , and then i forget
so if you think you can handle the overload, ask and I'll burn you a DVD of them.

Today I've got class and packing and stuff, so I'm going to wait to post all my pictures till next week when I'll have time to organise them all. Although don't expect any till next Friday at the earliest, as I already need to catch up sleep and laundry. On the bright side Italy is supposed to be all warm and sunny, so at least I have a chance of escaping the rain.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Any typos are the fault of crazy French keyboard

And that I was encouraged to do touch typing (where encouraged means forced) to learn touch typing as a child. I am being nice and erasing though. since I have some time to kill and thought what better place than a French internet cafe where the keyboards are French, and no one speaks English (and mostly no French either) Ah well. So, let's catch up on what's been going on shall we (no question mark on keyboard :() No pictures till Tuesday, but I can type it up so I only have to recap a little then. Cliffs of Moher and ring of Kerry I've covered. Then I had class all dqy Wedensday, and on Thursday volunteering and class before leaving for London. I got there at around ten and then had to take a bus to Victoria station which took till 12 and then I took a cab to my hostel which was ridiculously expensive (as I found out that all of London is, although the exchange rate is largely to blame for that) I got to my hostel and went to bed and then got up the next morning at 7:30 in order to get dressed, check out, and make it to the London eye on time (actually I got there early, but that's okay) I went on that which was really cool and I took a lot of pictures. Then I walked along the Thames to the Tate Modern museum which was neat. They have an exhibit which is really long slides that you can actually go in. Also a lot of surrealist stuff. After that I walked to Shakespeare's Globe which was pretty close. That was also neat, although most of it was closed since the play season is over, but some of it was open for pictures and they had some cool stuff in the gift shop. Then I went back up along the Victoria Enbankment to the tube and went to Picadilly Circus. That's where the Eros statue is, as well as the Waterstones that is the biggest bookstore in Europe, so I had to spend some time in there. I went shopping on some other places along Picadilly (there is also a market there) and by that time it was six and starting to get dark, plus my feet where tired and I wanted dinner. So I took the bus to Victoria Station and had some dinner and read, I had to be there at 7 anyways to check in for the coach to Paris, so that was alright. I'll describe that fun trip later. So I got to Paris at 6 this morning (Paris time) and went to find my hotel to leave some of my luggage. I did that and since check in isn't till noon and it was only 8 I decided I had time to see the eiffel tower. It's raining so I didn't go up in it. (I learned the fun rain and heights not mixing thing at Blarney) I did get some pictures when there was a little break in the downpour. Then I came back to the street my hotel is on and got some breakfast (oh eclairs how I love you, and how cheap you are in France, and yummy baguettes and chocolate croissants) And walked through the market going on along this road. And now I'm here typing, waiting till noon when I can check in, take a shower, and get in a half hour nap before heading over to the Louvre. I wanted to go to versaille today as the travelling to and from there takes some time and I have to catch the bus back to London tomorrow, but apparently I picked the one Saturday they are closed, so I have to go tomorrow and cut it a little shorter than I would have liked. Still maybe it will be sunny tomorrow and I can get some good pictures of the gardens. I'm really excited to see spamalot on Monday, although I am sad that I won't see David Hyde Pierce in it since he's in the one in New York. Ah well, it will still be good. I'll probably still be singing stuff from it when I get back. I've also got to go to the British Museum (and National Gallery if I can fit it in and am not sick of art by that time) and then Tuesday I'm going back to Cork for Wedensday classes and Thursday I'm going to Italy with my friend Nicole. Am I almost sick of trabvelling, well not quite, but I am taking a week off of it when I get back, I might do a short trip to Edinburgh the next week, although that one is still up in the air.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'll keep it short since I have about 2 minutes. I'm leaving for London tonight after class. I'll try to post stuff while I'm there. No calls please, except for emergencies, but texts are ok. I'll also try to check my e-mail about once a day, so you can do that if it's not to urgent.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Brief recap since I don't want to retype the whole thing, and I don't have time for slides today. So we were stuck in Limerick with the option of going home or spending the night at the cliffs of moher, neither of which was very appealing. We decided that the only thing to do was rent a car. So we hopped on the bus to Shannon Airport where the car rental places live. We found out that the driving age for rental cars is 23 here, so Nicole got to be driver. Also apparently automatic is hugely expensive. So learn standard if you want to rent a car here. We went to the Cliffs of Moher that day and got there around sunset (6 PM) We got some good pictures in before that though. Then we went back to Cork since we hadn't packed for an overnight trip. We went to the Dingle Peninsula the next day and then drove down to Killarney and stopped for the night in Killorigan. We got up early the next day and went round the ring of Kerry and then back to Cork. and on Tuesday morning we turned the car back in. So, it was fun, there are lots of pictures that I will post when I've got time, and lots of road trip stories I will probably wait till I get back to tell, as they don't translate well to text.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Try again

Ok, I had this post all set up except the slide show and then my computer crashed. Sadly I don't have enough battery left to redo it, so I'll type up events tomorrow and leave you with the Cliffs of Moher pics. (Yes I should have saved it, but I was distracted by the fact that Josh Groban did a music video of some of the songs on his new album. Soooooo pretty)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Rounabouts and roundabout again...

or one bad turn deserves another. So, This was an interesting weekend. On Friday I spent the night at my friend Nicole's place since we were going to get up early and go to the Cliffs of Moher. So we took the 10 bus to Limerick and thought we could catch the bus to the cliffs of Moher. This inevetably turned out badly, but the weekend was much more interesting because of it. I'll type up the whole thing tomorrow, along with a ton of pictures, but right now I'm on the paid internet. Plus I need to go finish my laundry since I've got class Wedensday, and on thursday I've got volunteering in the morning and class before I leave so tonight is my only night to pack.

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Apparently since they lack Thanksgiving around here they go straight from Halloween to Christmas. The restraunt on my street was putting up wreaths all over the front this morning, I'll try to get some pictures when it's done. I'm slightly worried that I may crack under the extra month of Christmas cheer. I'm already starting to long for all the Christmas movies I normally watch and break out the Christmas music. But I think I will content myself with making gingerbread and fudge sometime this weekend. At least I don't have to make the tough desicion of whether or not to go to the after Thanksgiving sales, and the inevitable sadness when I think of the poor massacre of turkeys. Although I would like a can of jellied cranberry sauce (they only have the kind in jars that's whole berry, which apparently what cranberry sauce is supposed to be, but I like my sauce that retains the shape of the can, what can i say). Maybe I'll get some of the other American students that are vegetarian together for a vegetarian Thanksgiving (there were 8 vegetarians in my Early start class alone, so it would work). Ah well, it at least feels like autumn now, I've started bringing a coat along in addition to wearing sweaters, it's only in the 50's and apparently that's where it's going to stay, but it gets a bit windy and it's always a bit damp since we're on a river. Apparently they do radiators here instead of central heating (I knew that about the house I was staying at, but I didn't know it was everybody)which makes the heat a bit either overpowering close to, or nonexistent if you get to far away. It's a tough desicion. Usually it's best to just bring an extra sweater to class and get out from it a bit.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

So much for doing something exciting

I decided that i needed a nap after class more than excitement, and then after dinner I read for a bit and went back to bed. I did get up early today and go swimming, so that was fun. And the sauna was open this time, so i hung out in there for a while afterwards. Around the time I was leaving all these kids showed up for lessons, so i'm glad i went early. After that i had lunch and now I'm doing this before I go to class in a little while. That's about as exciting as today's going to get I think. Saturday ought to be good though, so I'll try to bring my laptop over to the school Monday and post all my pictures.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Still No Rain :)

It's a bit chilly, but warmer than this morning when I was walking to class. I only have a little bit of time since I've got another class in a little bit. Halloween was a bit disappointing, so I really didn't have to tear myself away to go home early. Maybe because it was a weekday? Today is class all day, but tomorrow my class isn't till afternoon, so I might go swimming, since it's right by the Mardyke center. I'll try to do something interesting, but don't count on it.