Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What's with all the germs?

For some reason now that I am finally over my cold completely, I managed to pick up a mild flue bug or something. I'm fine now, but I felt like death on toast this morning. It was rather unfortunate since I missed societies day, but there is still clubs day tomorrow, and I can email the societies I'm interested in, plus the school publishes a newspaper of all the soc/club events for the week. At least I didn't miss any classes, or for that matter my trip to Dublin on Friday. I went to the library though instead of school to type this up, since it's closer, and I don't have to walk uphill so much as my stomach is still a bit iffy. Hopefully it is just one of those 24 hour things and I'll be completely good tomorrow, that would be rather a novel experience. I like that the library is next to this restraunt called Hillbilly's Chicken. It always amuses me on the walk here, and it's a good landmark when anyone asks where the library is. I've only got about 5 minutes of internet left, so I'm going to check my e-mail now. I'll write more tomorrow when I've got free internet at school and hopefully something interesting to talk about.